Wood – the most popular building material

Since ancient times, wood is the most popular material for the construction of various structures and structures. Feeds, ships, houses and many other structures were built from wood. In modern times, the tree also serves a significant role.

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The tree itself is reliable, quite economical, and does not require complex processing technology. But, like any organic matter, wood is subject to certain chemical reactions and environmental influences. Such factors can serve as moisture, insects, mold, exposure to the sun and wind. To minimize these harmful effects, the tree is customary to process (impregnate) using special substances. Therefore, before the operation of wood, it is covered with a layer of various impregnations, which will extend its reliability and operation.

Previously, in everyday life, Olifa was used for these purposes, who coped with moisture quite qualitatively, preventing her from penetrating the structure of the tree, as well as preventing the appearance of various fungi and mold. But this impregnation had obvious shortcomings: for a long time drying, stickiness, pronounced smell. She also did poorly with penetration in the depths of the structure, representing superficial protection. Modern impregnation technologies allow you to absorb more qualitatively into wood. This is a better and more reliable protection. Big plus in fast drying.

Modern impregnations have good primer properties, paint lies on them without defects. You can also immediately add a little dye to them, the product is saturated deeper, which will allow you to avoid visible defects with small damage to the material. There are a number of impregnations that artificially give the effect of antiquity, which can serve as an interesting design solution. Each variety of wood, depending on external influences, must be subjected to individual impregnation and protection. Many modern impregnations are quite universal, but there are also those that are suitable for specific conditions.