How long they began to sell porcelain stoneware in the market

This material is included in the category of building innovations, rapidly winning the modern market. Porcelain stoneware is endowed with a number of advantages displaying in wonderful operational characteristics.

He can cope with the Arctic frosts and heat of the equator, he is not afraid of mechanical damage, and the effects of various chemically active substances. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and durable.

A separate emphasis must be placed on the wealth of its textures and a variety of colors. These characteristics can impress even the most refined and demanding designers.

The first references to this material can be found in the seventies, because it was then that one of the Italian architects first mentioned the stone-farpores ceramics. The thing is that this material managed to combine in itself and, in the future, surpass the properties of all these three materials.

A huge variety of artificial materials is found in the open spaces of the modern market, the task of which is to simulate natural. But, if you compare porcelain tiles with them, you can make sure in accordance with its appearance to marble or granite. Although, it should be noted that its composition is similar to rocks. In the production process, all components are subjected to high temperature and pressure, which ensures their excellent interaction.

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