Gazebo: how to do it with your own hands, features

The gazebo is a recreation center where harmony with nature is acquired, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions. For perfect comfort and relaxation, you only need to correctly complete the choice of material. For construction, various materials are used both natural and artificial, these are stones, bricks, concrete, various metals, wood, etc. D.

Today, gazebos built from wood are endowed with good popularity. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also become a beautiful magnificent complement to the country site. The good strength of the wood is provided by special processing, which prevents the process of decay and corrosion.

Country gazebos, as a rule, can be of two designs – closed or open type. Open gazebos are a universal option that allows you to get rest surrounded by vegetation. The simplicity of the design of this type of gazebo, does not affect the general impression of the appearance of the building. Closed gazebos are intended more for relaxation in bad and unclear weather.

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In addition, you can make a barbecue in the arbors, thanks to which the rest will turn out to be pleasant and with the taste of barbecue. For the best configuration in such arbors, home furniture is usually installed.

According to the construction design of the gazebo, one can talk about the character of the owner. Peace and silence are as a rule, connoisseurs of round shapes. Square forms say that the owner appreciates reliability and loves to feel protected. Unusual polygonal arbors speak of elegance, a sense of style and individuality.

If you show a small observation, then you can easily determine what suits you from a huge number of country buildings, and all this is realized ..