Economy do -it -yourself repair: real or myth

Before starting the repair of the apartment, it is necessary to prepare a plan for redevelopment of the room itself, as well as sketch the schemes of new communications and wiring of electricity. Based on these alterations, the design of an updated apartment is then thought over. With these questions you can contact architects and designers, but you can do almost everything with your own hands. Try to clearly imagine where to install a washing machine, which is better: a bath or shower cabin. Make a circuit for arranging household appliances and, depending on this, place already electric sockets.

It is also necessary to observe a strict sequence of repair work. It is better to start by repairing water supply and sewage. Then ventilation and electricity. And only after that they are directly engaged in the decoration of the dwelling.

Lyubertsy furniture after all repair work.

Finishing work is also carried out, not forgetting about the repair plan. For example, when screeding floors, the difference in the height of the screed is taken into account depending on the finishing material – tiles, linoleum or parquet. Do waterproofing immediately, and choose, there will be floors with or without heating.

Pay special attention to the quality and number of building materials. Follow the requirements for their application. It is impossible, for example, to strengthen the ceiling with a plastic panel. Such panels are sometimes toxic when heated. But the coating on the floor of the hallway will most likely have to wash often. In this case, linoleum is more suitable.

Pipes for the water supply are bought, taking into account the pressure of the system.

You can save on this repairs.