Wood putty: how to competently perform

To correct various kinds of irregularities on the surface of wood, a special wood putty is used for the work of the room. The putty of this type received a fairly large circle of use. This material is moisture -resistant, which gives it the opportunity to reliably protect the surface and thereby increases its life. The putty allows you to get rid of knots, microcracks, as well as various kinds of surface defects. It is also very important that after drying it acquires the color of the tree itself. It is effectively used for ceilings, floors, walls, wooden doors, furniture and other surfaces. It is also important that the wood putty designed for the floor has excellent adhesive properties, it dries in a fairly short time and perfectly fills the gaps. Dust accumulation can easily be reduced using varnish. Using this type of putty on wood, it is necessary to mix it with wood dust. To minimize possible clogging, joints must be covered with varnish. To date, acrylic putty for wooden coatings is most popular. Before processing, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Store putty should be in a sealed container, tightly closed lid. If air does not fall into it, then it will last much longer. In general, the shelf life of the material is 1 year. To give the floor an impeccable look, it is necessary to prepare it for painting very carefully. Puttail putty will help to get the necessary properties. A layer of wax on the floor reduces the speed of drying of the paint, for which it is necessary to first wash the floor with soapy water and only after its drying can be put up with a putty. Next, you can paint or varnish the floor. If all the above requirements are complied with, then the resulting floor will last a very long time, without changing its original appearance. You can buy a wood putty in any specialized construction store. Since it is a fairly common material, problems with its purchase should not arise.