Wood protection using antiseptics: what to take into account

To protect wood, a whole range of measures is needed. They extend the life of the structure, make products resistant and prevent rotting. For wood to have a long service life, it needs protection against deformation, damage to bacteria and fire. Funds are used by different ones, they can be used separately or combined. The most common protection products are varnishes and paints, impregnations and antiseptic primers.

In order for the wood to not crack and not deform, use the compositions repulsive moisture. Antiseptic compounds help to cope from destruction by microorganisms. They are made on oil, antiseptic and combined solvents. Provide protection against decay of constructive measures – insulation of soil, stone styling, concrete and ventilation of wooden structures. Wood is protected from moisture and waterproofing materials and waterproofing materials. These measures are not always effective, then it is necessary to use special antiseptic compositions. Usually they buy concrete in Kharkov, the price there is low.

Antiseptics are chemicals that kill the fungus. He creates the conditions for the propagation of microorganisms. The solutions are toxic only to fungi, and for people and animals they are safe.

Paint compositions make wood not only attractive, but also have the properties of protection. Modern paints and varnishes have an increased level of vapor permeability, which gives wood the ability to breathe without the formation of cracks. Wood is easily ignited, so its protection against flame is an important event. For this, wooden coatings are treated with fire retardants.