With your own hands plastering walls: what you need to know

Uneven walls in the apartment make an unfavorable impression. You can call the master, but if you wish, everyone can independently perform the plastering of the walls. Without even having appropriate skills, the plaster of the walls with your own hands can bring certain fruits. To do this, you will need beacons (wooden or metal rails), trowel, half, rule and plaster grater. It is difficult for a novice plaster to make an even wall without lighthouses. Therefore, the first step will be the installation of these auxiliary devices using the level. You can fix the rails on the wall in several ways: using self-tapping screws, dowel-grooves or gypsum mixture. The method is unimportant, the main thing is that the beacons are installed strictly vertically. The distance between them should be slightly less than the width of the half. The first beacons must be installed at the corners of the wall. Pull a thread between them, and fix the intermediate rails. Thus, you will get a flat surface throughout the wall. The solution for plastering is mixed with medium density. Three or four parts of the sand are taken for one part of the cement. Too strong the solution will crack, and dry too much and crumble for a long time. It is best to start the process of plastering

DIY walls plaster

above. So the falling solution will not spoil the finished plaster. You can throw the solution with both a trowel and a plaster bucket. Having sketched a certain amount of solution on the wall between the lighthouses, you need to flatter it with a half -plane. In this case, the movements should be from the bottom up and at the same time left-right. So the solution will be distributed on the wall much smoother. After the plaster is a little grasped, the rule to remove the excess of the solution, conducting it on the established beacons. So, the site behind the site, plastered the entire surface. The final step will be the grout of the plastered wall. Using a grater and liquid solution, try to make the wall as smooth and smooth as possible. It remains to remove the installed rails and close these areas with a solution. Your experience will grow with every plastered area.