Width and length: how to determine for cellular concrete

In our country, the technology for the manufacture of cellular concrete based on foam has become most widespread. The chemical method so far is used only in a few factories, since its obvious advantages have not yet gained wide fame. The main ones are the possibility of complete mechanization of production, simplicity of technology, accurate dimensions and low cost of products. There is an opportunity to form these products up to 70 cm high. Their width and length can be different; The size of the blocks limit only the shape and diameter of autoclaves. A significant height of aerated concrete products allows you to simultaneously make several dozen plate blocks in the same form in the same form. In the Leninsky district g. Riga is the Rigins Aisheat concrete plant, which first mastered the production of small gas-concrete wall blocks. If you are busy in production and you don’t have time for repair or construction of a fence, then you can order this work here – the construction of fences Kazan is inexpensive. Latvia design and construction organizations pay great attention to this progressive material. The Ministry of Urban and Rural Building of Latvia has already created projects of residential buildings of urban and rural types from aerated concrete large blocks. It is planned to build several such buildings on the Lenin Bausky district collective farm. Aerated concrete slabs for ceilings are also provided in the projects of schools under construction in Riga, the House of Culture of the VEF plant, etc. Unfortunately, the gas concrete shop of the Riga plant is not yet able to satisfy the increasing demand for these details. The produced first batches of blocks have a good appearance, a pleasant white color with an even grayish tint and weigh with stamps of 50-75 approximately 1200-1400 kg/m3.