Which material to choose for the finish of the basement

Materials for finishing the basement should be convenient in work and ensure the long service life of the plaster layer. Most often, solutions made on the basis of a cement knitting component are used as materials for the external decoration of the basement basement. The solutions must be mobile, have good grip with the base of the foundation, freeze quickly, without giving a strong shrinkage. Also, solutions must have some decorativeness. The composition of these solutions in a certain ratio includes astringent components, fine -grained components, water and often various additives. During the preparation of the necessary material for finishing the basement, it is necessary to clearly adhere to the proportions indicated in the instructions, the non -compliance of which will noticeably worsen the quality of the solution, which in turn will affect the quality of the plastering layer.

Materials for finishing the basement. Natural stone

For a long time, a natural stone is used to finish the outer surface of the basement of the foundation. This material, provided by nature itself, successfully competes with other types of decorative decoration of buildings, while combining with them, creates amazing compositions. Indisputably, natural stone is a beautiful, durable material with a variety of gamut of shades and textures. To that natural stone you can give a different texture: smooth matte, polished, point, corny, sawn.

Processing natural stone using various methods allows you to use its natural qualities at a high level to finish the facades of buildings. The most enhances the decorative qualities of this material for the finish of the building base textured processing.

Sprinking of stone on a machine where the rectilinear movement of the saw frame is used, allows you to get a sawn texture of the stone. The resulting surface is characterized by the presence of intermittent strokes, which are grooves with a depth of not more than three millimeters.

Using frame and cable saws allows you to get a surface with the presence of sharp strokes. The unique decorativeness of the texture of the stone is obtained using a steel fraction, which is used as an abrasive material.

A smooth surface of a stone with barely noticeable strokes will turn out if you use disk and ribbon saws. In order to get a stone with a smooth polished surface and subsequently use it as a material for finishing the basement, it is necessary to subject it to grinding a subtle degree, sequentially changing the abrasive tool. At the same time, micro -grinding powders are used for finishing, which allows you to achieve a mirror surface.

Any materials for finishing the basement should have a beautiful decorative look and have a long service life.