Where prefabricated tape foundations are used

Collective tape foundation is used in the construction of buildings with various wall structures. Concrete blocks are used for their construction. They are laid under the walls of buildings with various number of storeys and basement. This type of foundation meets the necessary requirements of strength and reliability. Their use reduces the complexity of work and the timing in the construction of the zero cycle. They can be built in the winter period.

Blocks are produced at Furniture plants from heavy concrete, with or without reinforcement, various sizes. For the installation of the foundation, they are transported to the construction site, where its design is mounted in a pre -digested pit, in accordance with the project. For buildings that transmit heavy loads on the ground base, the blocks are laid on the foundation blocks-pods, with a trapezoidal section.

When erecting the foundation of the building with the basement, the blocks are laid on pre -leveled to the desired mark, the sand base. Their laying is carried out with the dressing of seams that does not allow the coincidence of vertical seams between the upper blocks, with the seams of the lower blocks to eliminate the loss of stability. Similarly, laying blocks at the angles of the perimeter of the building, as well as internal and external walls are made. In cases of the impossibility of its implementation, the reinforcement of the joint seams with a reinforcing mesh is made

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The disadvantages of prefabricated strip foundations include a large mass of concrete blocks, requiring the use of lifting mechanisms during their construction. They are designed only for the perception of compressive loads and the missing reinforcement in their individual types can violate their integrity in the event of bending moments. When erecting the walls of the basement, laying the leveling layers of the solution is necessary. All this somewhat limits the scope of their application.