What stages the skirting board is consists of a scheme

Before starting, spacers between the wall and the mounted coating are removed. The skirting board must overlap the gap between the wall and the floor. The skirting board is attached to the wall with mounting glue, screws – “self -tapping screws” or special devices. A soundproof gasket is installed between the baseboard and the wall.

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There are skirting boards from an array (followed by color), MDF, veneered, plastic. Their purpose is exclusively decorative and they are attached only to the walls.

The mounting scheme of plastic skirting boards consists of two stages:

1. The latch of the required length is cut off and is attached into the corner between the wall and the floor of the dowel with a screw or a “self -tapping screw”

2. The skirting board is installed directly in the latch – a comb located on the inner surface of the skirting board is started in the groove of the latch

Soft and flexible edges of the baseboard fit tightly to the surfaces of the floor and walls. In addition, there is a design of a plastic skirting board, in which, if necessary, you can hide the wires.

Another type of quite affordable price is an veneered baseboard, its advantages are the environmental friendliness of the tree and its durability. It is attached by clips, which allows you to dismantle and reinstall the baseboard, or an anchor plate (installation requires high qualifications) or a parquet hairpin.

In addition to these types of fasteners, you can use glue. Moreover, the installation on the jet is easily and quickly. But to remove the baseboard after such an installation, without damaging either it or the wall, is almost impossible.