What nuances to turn backing during the repair of a new building

There is no need to choose in such cases – the developer leaves no choice. The era when it is settled in a new apartment with glued new wallpapers, set by linoleum on the floors and working cast -iron bathroom, sunk into oblivion. Now the apartment is a naked building of the building. Entering a newly made apartment, some of the vast expanses of this apartment will immediately open.

The entire area of ​​the apartment is not busy with anything. Of all communications in the end, you can only see heating radiators. Electricity only connected to a temporary shield. Water supply in the form of incoming metal pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms. Of all the public works performed by the builder in the apartment, there may only be a screed of a floor of unsatisfactory quality.

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It is necessary to attend all stages of repair, only with the exception of dismantling. In the new apartment, you never have to talk about redevelopment, most likely it takes place, only the layout according to the design project for this is mounted the necessary partitions from drywall.

With this layout of the apartment you will have to come to terms with. By the way, all apartments in new buildings are always sold with already diluted electrical wiring, the walls in which are plastered, and the floors are completely filled with screed. If such types of work have not yet been done in the purchased apartment, try to refuse everyone, then the apartment itself will cost much cheaper. In the process of repair itself, all the wiring will be performed at your discretion, and all other plastering and steering work will be done with quality. And for money you can save a lot.

So, let’s summarize: in all new buildings, we are always talking only about major repairs. The very ideal conditions for such repairs are a “naked” apartment without preparatory work performed. It all depends on you what level and quality the repair will be made, and on the amount of the money that needs to be spent on repairs.