What is the market of suburban real estate

To begin with, it is very important to note that this real estate market has gained wide popularity for a long time, that is, even before the onset of the moment when the crisis and numerous developers began at a great distance from the capital of the country, began to actively promote their own offers, thereby campaigning customers with a fairly low cost, which on average is capable of reaching $ 100,000 per house with a total area of ​​120-150 square meters on a small site literally 10 acres with the presence of all necessary communications.

At that time, several completely new projects were never brought to the market. This direction, most likely, cannot be called winning. Buying an apartment on Frunzenskaya is actually much easier than to choose a suitable country of real estate for a long time. Suburban real estate in a country format is not the subject of first necessity. A house next to Moscow with a big stretch can be called a summer house in which you can relax with the whole family.

The Economy Class Townhouse market in the near Moscow Region, into which the crisis has not been able to breathe a new life remained at the same level. Despite this, the changes here turned out to be very noticeable, since developers began to realize that it was not worth maintaining the cost at the pre -crisis level. It is for this reason that they are currently active adaptation of proposals to the direct solvency of customers, while numerous developers are trying to find what amount the average economy-class housing consumer can pull. Speaking directly about practice, then this is expressed in the fact that almost every village has its own discount system along with various bonus programs, promotions and gifts directly for buyers.

If you mention in general, then here is the average cost of one square meter in Townhaus, which has currently been established, is quite capable of competing with some Moscow apartments. It turns out that now instead of one square meter in the capital it is quite possible to purchase almost 2.5 meters of Townhaus near Moscow. Apartments in Khamovniki are now sold precisely in accordance with the presented principle. The constant comparison of the value of real estate with some Moscow apartments is a completely non -random indicator, since the towhouse are already quite capable of becoming a real alternative for urban housing.