What is the basis of rubber paint: Features

The basis for rubber paint is an acrylic polymer. It is he who is resistant to a high level of humidity, as well as temperature fluctuations. If you apply this composition correctly, then it perfectly opposes mechanical influences. As a rule, it is used in facing the roof, buildings, as well as areas that are located near the garage and the like. Before applying the composition, it is imperative to prepare the base: clean it, align it, and also apply a specialized primer. In order to make the paint layer more durable, you can use special impregnation.

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In order to choose the optimal consistency of the composition, it is necessary to begin to dilute it in a small glass first. Then cover a small area. Such procedures will allow you to establish how quickly the paint dries, as well as its costs. You can apply a substance with a brush, roller. In this case, it all depends on how much the area you process. Be sure to prepare tools and equipment that will facilitate the procedure for applying paint. One section can apply no more than two strokes. Moreover, each subsequent layer can only be applied after the previous one is completely dry. If you do not comply with this rule, then this can lead to damage to the appearance.

All drops need to be wiped immediately with a rag or sponge. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to immediately wash all the tools, since it will be difficult to clean them in the future. In the event that you installed dark spots at the end of the composition, then these areas should be covered with additionally with an acrylic primer, as well as apply paint again. This will make it possible to quickly get rid of various defects.