What is the aeration station

Aeration station or Toppa septic tank today is considered one of the best decisions of wastewater treatment. And all because the system performs precisely cleaning, and not wastewater accumulation. The process is carried out by combining natural processes of fine aeration and biological purification. As for the principle of operation of the Toppa sewage system, it is based on the biochemical destruction of pollution using special aerobic colonies of bacteria. Performing this kind of cleaning, the drains no longer rot. In addition, a drop in their level of organic pollution is achieved. Persons become light and lose third -party additives and unpleasant odors. Due to this, pure environmental silt and technical water acts as the final product.

One of the main advantages can be called that the autonomous septic tank septic tanks are absolutely safe for the environment. Stabilized active silt becomes fertilizer. It is interesting that the liquid in the device can be cleared by 98%. In addition, the installation of the Toppik septic tank is very convenient, because it has small dimensions. Such a system is convenient in assembly. It can be located in any type of soil and is able to work even at minus temperatures. For his service is not at all the obligatory regular flow of wastewater. As a rule, the system of the system is made of high -quality foamed polypropylene. Thus, he is not exposed. After its installation on the site is performed, the consumer will not depress strange smells or third -party noises. In addition, there will be no inconvenience associated with constant challenges of bulky technology.

Toppas treatment facilities, as it turned out, are primarily designed to clean wastewater in areas not related to the central sewage system. TOPP septic tanks work with the condition of stable air flow. This method is called aerobic – air. Inside the installation, enhanced growth of bacteria is provided that can absorb pollution from wastewater.