What is seamless sprayed waterproofing

The scope of liquid rubber determines its uninhabited second name – seamless sprayed waterproofing. Using this material, you can process any joints to ensure reliable waterproofing. The material in appearance is most similar to ordinary rubber, black, while in addition to ordinary bitumen, it may contain natural rubber.

The material is absolutely safe for use in residential premises, including in the kitchen and in the bathroom, since it does not allocate any volatile connections into the air, and does not contain solvents, as well as absolutely non -combustible, in addition, liquid rubber is the price of the company CJSC CCP is quite acceptable.

Liquid rubber has the highest adhesion with almost any solid base and does not deform when heated, the color does not burn out in the sun. Seams or joints treated with liquid rubber will retain their tightness for a period of at least twenty years.

The seams treated with liquid rubber retain elasticity, without loss of tightness, since the rubber retains the property to stretch to 10 times in length without deforming. At the same time, over time, the material becomes tougher. If necessary, liquid rubber can be painted.

Any paints can be used for this, but only on water or silicon-organic basis. The scope of liquid rubber is very wide, and basically it is construction and finishing work. With the help of liquid rubber, not only waterproofing seams can be performed, but also whole membranes, for example, during the construction of the floor, or the structure of the roof, as well as during the construction of the pools.