What is ceramic parquet

For our country, the most popular flooring are linoleum and parquet, which is most distinguished by its practicality and aesthetic qualities. Linoleum is also relatively not expensive, easy to styling and practical. But recently, a certain novelty has appeared – ceramic parquet, which is notable for that it allows you to withstand the design in the same style. So, in the hallway, the bathroom you can lay a ceramic parquet, and in other rooms – a regular parquet.

Protection against external manifestations of wooden parquet is only varnish – this is the only measure. Ceramic parquet is made of two grades clay, which undergo the process of high -temperature processing. The field spat and quartz added to it, and the pigments of natural origin allow us to ultimately obtain a high -strength material called porcelain stoneware, which is the basis in the manufacture of tiles.

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Modern materials are mainly of synthetic origin, and this is unsafe for humans. The same is the case with parquet varnish, drying which forms harmful substances. It is worth noting linoleum, which in one day is able to secrete 10 mg of polyvinyl chloride resins.

The manufacture of ceramic parquet is made of natural materials, so such a parquet is completely harmless. It is component of the following components: water, clay, field sleepers and pigments. Such a parquet can be performed in the form of floor tiles, but at the same time, porcelain tile will not be too frost -resistant. However, this is not critical for the apartment.

Parquet made of porcelain tile is an excellent decoration, and can be compared with wood. Its coloring is possible in any color and shade, while the pattern will not be executed. Among ready -made solutions, you can choose a coloring to create harmony with wallpaper, furniture and others.