What is an elite cabinet

Elite cabinets are called those that are invariably made of the best and most modern materials, equipped with the best components, and are not “elite” only at a price. The doors of sliding systems should go smoothly, all the accessories are perfectly fitted. The possibilities of such cabinets include:

Internal content

Inside you can fold all kinds of drawers, make shelves that will be highlighted, even integrate the ironing board. Also for convenience, various baskets, ties, descending elevators and so on are often built up.

All mechanisms and running parts of such a wardrobe should differ in reliability. On some sliding doors can be placed locks and door closers.

External jewelry

The wardrobe itself must harmoniously join the housing of its master. Perhaps even become his successful dream. He must fit into the room and his style. In the presence of bright details such as frescoes, backlight, suspended ceilings, furniture should also be bright. The facade of the cabinet can be selected with a bamboo applied, with an artistic painting or stained glass. It is possible to apply crystals of Swarovski or Luminophore to glass.

Radius wardrobes are very convenient. They make it possible to move to the flow of interior details, soften some angles, give a new sound to the very piece of furniture. This technology gives rise to a single architectural ensemble.

Therefore, there is no limit of perfection. Buy really elite furniture and enjoy it.

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