We start not empty -handed to finish the apartment

Your old wallpaper in a room or corridor stopped delighting you? Glued and rather resemble a free newspaper? Then it is worth refreshing the space by starting a small cosmetic repair. And from this article you will learn with what materials and tools Kern should begin to.

1) primer. Can be deeply permanent, water -repellent, antiseptic, adhesive, fire. Most often has complex properties. You can’t do without it if there is no desire to collect subsequently peeling stripes of wallpaper from the floor. It strengthens the walls, allows the wallpaper to adapt more tightly to the surface. Applied before each subsequent layer, whether it be a putty or wallpaper

2) putty. Allows you to level the walls, smear cracks and other wall defects. It is convenient to take it in the form of a paste. There is no need to dilute with water, it is easily applied.

3) plaster is designed for more thorough leveling if the walls have a slope, bend and other defects. The use of plaster requires a more complicated application process than a putty.

4) glue. For vinyl, moisture -resistant, textile and other types of wallpaper, your type of glue is needed.

5) actually the wallpaper itself. As already mentioned, there are many types for different needs and requests.

6) tools – wide spatula, narrow spatula, roller rollers, for joints, brush or brush for applying glue, plumb, pencil, dry rag. A staircase or a stable table is also useful.

Having collected all the necessary materials, you can proceed to the process.