We restore the parquet: what to pay attention to

Currently, in order to restore parquet with your own hand, you should have a professional set of tools with you. After all, in order not to change the parquet, you can completely update it yourself. To do this, you must first restore damaged areas. By simple tapping, determine the places where the dies are shattered and depart. To seal the dicks you will come in handy simple PVA glue and syringe. Drill a small hole in the dick and pour glue gloza glue through it. For reliability, put the load on top for several hours. Broken boards will have to be replaced. Take out each dick and change one at a time! So that the rest would not stretch. Now go to the cycle. If there are great bumps on the floor, then you need to start with a large skin. The twenty -fourth is best suited. Grind the floor only in the direction of the pattern of your parquet. The main thing in this process does not stop for a long time in one place. It can turn out to be deep rubbing.

In order to process the corners in the room, you will need an angular grinding machine. Process the floor with three different sandpaper so that it becomes perfect. Choose a large, twenty -fourth, medium, forty, and small, sixtieth. Poppy the floor, because even the smallest sorinka will be noticeable under the varnish.

Now we lock the seams. Mix the adhesive base and sawdust from your parquet so that the color does not stand out. Wipe the seams correctly. Single cracks need to be putty along, and the places of all joints – only across. If you do not follow these rules, then the gaps will appear again in your parquet. Now you need to wait 30 minutes. The parquet should dry. Когда Вы удостоверились, что паркет высох покройте его лаком.