We repair the child’s room with our own hands: Technology

For a children’s insufficiently bright wallpaper and funny lamps. The most important thing is that the room should be environmentally friendly. You know that asthma in children often provokes renovation?

Use special materials. For example, you buy paint in a large specialized market. All goods here are equipped with security certificates. But in a conversation with the seller, it should be noted that the materials are required for the repair of children’s. In this case, you will be shown racks with paints, which are certified specifically for children and medical institutions. This is a higher level of environmental cleanliness. It will be optimal to use such materials for the repair of the entire home. After all, your child does not constantly stay in his room. Want to know where to purchase toys and goods of your baby? Visit the In-Green online store. Com. UA.

It is best to finish repairs a month before the child settles in his room. Despite the safety of materials, when 5-10 new items, even having hygienic certificates, will be at once in one room-the child’s safety will be at risk. The room needs to stand “.

For a “healthy” repair in the baby’s room, several rules should be followed:

The floor should be wooden, with a coating of natural mastic. It should be based on gum resin and bee wax.

Use paper wallpaper instead of vinyl, as they pass the air. It is best to stick wallpapers in an old proven way – using a clayer. Better yet, paint the walls with special harmless paint, which has a certificate for children’s institutions.

Buy furniture exclusively from natural wood that does not have a varnish coating. You can paint it yourself as an Oliphi.

In the baby’s room, leave only the toys that he currently uses. All the others need to be removed from the children’s room. Toys should be periodically washed and ventilated, even if the child does not play in them.