We erode the ceilings without effort: process technology

Well, to hide, the erosion of the ceilings is a really complex and laborious process. After all, you need to remove the old layer to the ground. If you do not, then the new coating will lie terribly, or even completely covered with unpleasant bubbles. The only thing that will bring joy in this case is corner cabinets that fit perfectly into your interior. Corner wardrobes can be bought directly on this resource. But to remove the layer of paint, plaster then you need to do certain actions. First, take a fluffy roller and moisten it in the water. Hardly soak them all the ceiling coating, you will soak the coating with water more and more, the easier you will carry out subsequent work. You need to erode several times so that the whitewash leaves well from the putty. Do not even try to wet the water emulsion, since it very poorly passes water through itself, so it is more difficult to remove it several times. With the help of a wide sharp spatula, start to remove the whitewash layer. A water -based emulsion should be removed only in problem areas, where she itself begins to disappear. Otherwise, break through the entire ceiling coating with a hammer and begin to rip off everything with a spatula. Removing the suzim method is necessarily dust that can fall into your respiratory system. So use in this case a protective mask or a respirator. As soon as you see a layer of plaster, the work can be called already successful. The ceiling needs to be thrown with a new coating. If you have never encountered plaster work before, then it is best to hire a professional.