Ways to align the floor: which option to choose

The leveling of the floor irregularities depends on the height difference in the room, which can reach a few centimeters. With small differences (1-2 cm), the best option would be to align with a self-leveling mixture. If the difference is about 5 cm, the alignment of the cement screed is used. Well, with large differences, the method of alignment with wooden lag will help. Consider each method separately. First you need to find the highest point of the floor in the room and at its level to set the so -called beacons. As these, you can use any even bars or metal profiles. The horizontal line over the floor is drawn over them, it will mean what height should be raised to the floor level. This is common for all ways. When using a self -leveling mixture, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it freezes in 10 minutes. Therefore, it must be prepared in small portions, after the spill, you must align with the rule. Drying time up to two days. When drying in the room there should not be drafts, there may be a crack of cracks. Advantages – does not require special skills, the lack of costs. The second method, using

Ways to align the floor

the cement mortar practical is no different from the first. Just instead of a special solution, ordinary cement and thicker. The amount of the solution used also changes in the direction of increasing. The drying period also increases and will be up to several days. But it will cost a little cheaper than the use of a special mixture. The method is the most common. Lags are used when other methods are not able to help. First, two lags are laid along the opposite walls at a distance from them 2-3 cm. Their level is thoroughly aligned with the help of the construction level and wooden linings. There are several cords between them to determine the level. The rest of the lags are placed at this level at a distance from each other at 40-50 cm. Then the black coating is placed on top and the floor is even.