Wall putty: how to competently perform with your own hands

Starting the repair of your home or apartment on your own, sometimes there is a dilemma – where, in fact, start? It’s no secret that the basis of the flat wall surface is wall plaster. Only with its help can you really even align the curvature of the surfaces. It is extremely important to achieve a tight adhesion of the plaster with a brick or concrete base of the wall. This is the key to correctly performed repair work. By the way, if you want to know a lot of interesting things about the company Metal SK, then on the site – in the form of a powder, in the form of a finished pasta.

Traditionally finished pastes are used in the form of finishing putty. Powder putty for internal work is finished and black. Putty are divided into their binding: gypsum, cement.

For the kitchen, a binding substance cement is used. Gypsum is not used in those rooms where increased humidity.

The putty of the surfaces of the walls is a thin layer between the rough plaster and the finishing layer. The latest puttys are incredibly strong and easy to use. The finish layer should be performed very responsibly. The putty is sprayed to the surface with several layers. Each of the layers should be more than 2 mm. The second layer is applied after the previous.

The best adhesion of putty is obtained by adding a fiberglass painted mesh to this mixture. The grid reinforces the putty well and makes the strength of the finish coating quite sufficient. After the end of the walls of the walls, the surface is treated with grinding using sandpaper, a painting abrasive mesh. Any layer of putty is treated with an acrylic primer to perform internal work.

The walls are made, you can glue wallpaper.