Vinyl classification: distinguishing features

The repair and finish of the corridor is recommended only when the finish in the remaining rooms has already been completed. The corridor has some functions, therefore, the requirements for the decoration of this room are also specific. Most importantly, materials that will be used to arrange this room should have strength and resistance to wear. These materials should also maintain design solutions. For example, increase space.

It should be noted that before you start gluing new wallpapers, you should remove the old ones, and in some cases replace the wiring. In addition, by this time the weekend and interior doors should already be replaced. In addition, it is recommended to thoroughly align the walls.

To choose the right wallpaper for the corridor, you should know that washing vinyl wallpapers are considered more waterproof and durable, they can be cleaned with a rag or brush. They contain two layers: the first – paper, which is covered with a layer of PVC, which is a protection against moisture, the second – the pattern applied from above or embossing. Often such wallpapers are impregnated with certain chemical compositions that do not allow mold to appear and a fungus form.

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Today there are various types of vinyl. Some of them are a structural vinyl, which is a very dense and embossed type of wallpaper. Sometimes it is called foamed. In this type of wallpaper, silk and vinyl threads are combined, which can be both embossed and smooth. The main minus is a large mass of wallpaper, due to which they can disperse the junction, but this will happen only if they were poorly poured.

Some masters prefer cork wallpapers for the corridor. They have environmental friendliness, because they are made of natural material. For a variety of colors, sometimes color intersperses are used. This type of wallpaper is easy to wash and it does not attract dust. The negative side is that for a dark corridor they will not work, as they absorb a large amount of light.