Varieties of paint for finishing work: how to choose

No repair work can be carried out without any painting measures. Absolutely everything should be painted: floor, doors, wall surface and ceiling zone. And if a slight time was given earlier, then it is very important to choose a good paint for the ceiling. The choice must be made especially carefully, in fact, such a choice should be thorough, in fact, like a paint for walls. The installation of a warm floor in the bathroom is best done after painting work.

On what paint is it optimal to stop your own choice? – acrylic, water -based, color, white, universal or specialized.

Pay attention to the fact that the ceiling zone should be in complete harmony with all other walls and flooring, as well as the arrangement of the internal part of the entire interior. To create the effect of additional illumination, experts strongly recommend forming a horizontal surface several tones lighter compared to vertical. Based on this, we can conclude that the same paint for walls and for the ceiling is not recommended. Be that as it may, but each such situation requires an individual approach to itself. The most universal for the ceiling zone is primarily white paint, it will perfectly combine with almost any furniture items. This kind of solution will be as combined with rooms with low ceilings.