Varieties of elevator systems: features

All modern high -rise buildings, whether residential buildings, public buildings or large enterprises are equipped with elevators. We can safely say that the appearance of modern cities is largely owed to lifting mechanisms.

Modern elevator equipment varies depending on where it is installed. Devices that function in hospitals differ from lifts at industrial enterprises, and elevators in public organizations are not at all like similar equipment in private houses or cottages. How are all these mechanisms classify.

Classification of elevator systems

Various criteria are used to classify lifting equipment. The following are most often used:

type of drive;

carrying capacity;

speed of movement;


Lifts are distinguished by type of drive:

electric drive;



If you plan to buy a hospital elevator, then lifts from the first group are best suited. When purchasing such a lift, remember that the price of a hospital elevator is not the main thing. He must have high reliability and safety indicators.

In terms of speed, all elevators are divided into: ordinary, high -speed and high -speed.

By carrying capacity, all lifting devices can be divided into:

small (carrying capacity up to 250 kg);

Large (from 250 to 6500 kg).

According to the purpose of the mechanism, the following types of elevators are distinguished:

Passenger and cargo -passenger (designed to move goods and people, have a large spaciousness).

Cargo (intended only for transportation of goods, transportation of people is prohibited);

Small freight elevators (restaurant lifts). Most often used at catering enterprises for the transportation of food and finished dishes. They are also used in warehouses, in libraries and private houses.

Industrial and paving lifts. The first type of apparatus was created for operation in dangerous conditions, therefore, increased safety requirements were presented to its design. Porcelain lifts are used in underground storage facilities to raise cargo to the level of the first floor (sidewalk).

Herbalists (moving paving path) are used in metro stations, in supermarkets and multi -storey shopping centers in places of large passenger traffic. The popularity of this type of lifts is due to the fact that buying a grasshair is economically much more profitable than buying an escalator.