Varieties of current repairs: how to choose the right

The repair of buildings is a set of work aimed at maintaining or restoring the construction characteristics of the structure laid down in the construction of the operational characteristics and its structural elements. The repair of buildings for the capital and current.

During the current repair, the building is eliminated in separate elements of the building, its internal and external decoration, minor damage, is replaced by engineering equipment, and decorative and anticorrosive coloring is updated.

The current repair of industrial buildings is also divided into two types: a) planning-pre-permanent current repair, which is carried out at industrial enterprises throughout the calendar year, during which the identified defects are eliminated, the building is painted.

B) current unexpected (emergency) repair. Such repairs include all types of work aimed at immediately eliminating minor unexpected damage in building structures that violate their work, and also threaten the safety of equipment, finished products or raw materials, the health of workers and the stability of the design itself.

For the urgent execution of the current emergency repair, an emergency inviolable supply of the necessary materials must be created at the enterprise. Each enterprise, depending on the nature of the production, the list of materials of the emergency reserve sets independently. If there are significant reserves of public materials on the site of the construction company, then there is no need to create your own inviolable reserve.