Varieties of ceilings: Rtlitting features, pluses

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Stretch types of ceilings have become the right part of the advanced interior, they hide the bulges of your ceiling and make the comfortable atmosphere of your housing. The advantages of a stretch ceiling:

Reducing labor costs

The highest installation speed

Do not require special care

Ensuring the protection of moisture flowing

Fire safety

Aesthetic characteristics

The ability to carry out all kinds of design thoughts

Noise insulation

1 of the main superiority of suspended ceilings is the color range of the canvas. However, the canvas differs not only in coloring, also texture. The collection of this material includes a certain number of types: satin, gloss, translucent, universe, under the skin.

Seamless ceilings.

The execution of seamless ceilings owns the “dry” method. This design consists of 2 components: fabric and profile. With the help of such stretch ceilings, there can be very quick introduction of different lighting devices, as well as ventilation.

Ceiling data technology consists of polyurethane fabric. The width of this material is more than 5 m. Such a width allows you to block any room in the absence of seams.

The seamless canvas varies the uniformity of the pattern.

After installation, the client acquires an even ceiling coating. Seamless ceilings can also be pigmented with acrylic tints in any color shade. It is allowed to apply photos or manual painting to the fabric of such a ceiling, a sketch made by a painter.