Tips on the flooring of linoleum: what you need to know

The basis on which the flooring is planned should be even and strong. In order for the wooden floor to be perfectly even, it is harmed, aligned and polished. To make the result even better – cover the floors with wood -fiber slabs. The slabs are fastened with nails, and the hats of nails are poured. Next, it is required to smear the seams between the slabs with thick mastic or putty.

The most popular way of linoleum flooring is a “wet” method. Glue the continuous sheet of linoleum. But before starting work, prepare linoleum.

Linoleum should be in the room for at least a day. This is necessary for adaptation, after which you can safely unpack the linoleum canvas. If the size of the area does not coincide with the size of linoleum, the seams must be placed perpendicular to the outer walls of the room.

Before direct application, the floor and linoleum are primed. To do this, bend the canvas in half and primed the back and base. First, process the part that should be from below. After completely drying the primer, the floor is treated with glue 1 mm thick and at the same time leaves an untouched strip with a width of 20 centimeters from the joint. Apply glue with a special brush, without missing places on the floor. After waiting for 20 minutes – apply linoleum canvas. On top of the canvas, it is necessary to press with heavy masses, usually use bags of sand.

In this state, it is necessary to leave linoleum for 2-3 days. When the glue dries cut off the edges and glued at the seams. If the linoleum remains tubercles and air bubbles must be left a bag of sand to this place, for a while. If the result did not follow, make a small hole to get air and put the bag again.