Tips for the separation of the premises: Methods of how to make

The partition mounted on the basis of the frame is one of the most common ways to turn one room into two small ones, to separate adjacent rooms, this option is also great. Mark the boundary of the alleged wall, then you can pull the chalk cord and jam the marking line on the ceiling. Then, from the ends of the lines, draw on the wall with a pencil using a ruler and alcohol level a line directly to the floor. Drive into the floor at one nail at the ends of each of the lines that turned out on the walls, fix the chalk cord on the nails, clicking the marking line on the floor surface. From wooden bars, cut the wall, lower and ceiling strapping of the walls of the required length.

After two rooms are obtained from one large room, it will be possible to use them more functionally, for example, install written tables from an array for your children, you can start decorating the surface of the wall.

Mount the lower strapping, attaching it to the floor. Similarly attach the strapping at the ceiling and walls.

Next, mark the racks, calculating the distance between them so that the edges of the drywall sheets are in the middle of each next rack. Cut the rack that stands between the upper strapping and the top of the opening. You can install spacers between racks from the same racks. They should be in size of drywall sheets so that the joints between drywall are in the middle of the spacer. Keep in mind that you need to nail them at different heights. If you intend to hang heavy things on the wall, add more additional racks, and if you do not require the threshold, cut the binding on the edge of the opening and remove the excess, freeing the place.