Tips for aligning the floor: technology and stages

1. Many builders, choosing mixtures for aligning floors, prefer the cheapest material in value-the simplest cement-sand mixture. However, such an approach is not always justified. Do not forget that the stingy pays twice. And modern bulk floors and apartments have lower consumption, plastic and easy to work, do not need additional additives to increase the strength and plasticity of the mixture.

2. When working with dry mixtures, you need to take into account seasonal conditions. So, in the summer at high temperatures, the viability time of the solution may decrease, that is, the work on alignment of the floors should be carried out faster.

3. In the event that you work at a temperature of +5 to +25 ° C, then you should choose a fast -hardening apart. Buying which, you significantly save time. So, when using IVSIL Express-Basis, you can move on the coating after three hours.

4. When applying an equalizer as lighthouses, you can use a metal profile, the most ordinary wooden bars.

5. Apartments allow the initial alignment of the floor surface. It is possible to immediately put tiles on top of such an eumatic. If you want to choose other materials as a finish coating: carpet, linoleum, laminate – it is better to use bulk floors. which are more thin -layer.

6. When preparing the composition, you must carefully follow the instructions indicated on the packaging. In no case, it is not allowed to add extraneous impurities to the solution, because everything that is needed to obtain the composition is water and dry mixture.