The realtor future of Innograd: what to take into account

The innovation center under construction, the idea of ​​creating Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, has already taken place on paper – it has clearly compiled borders and is marked on Internet cards.

After the construction, as the metropolitan government plans, it will become part of the new territories of the capital with the name “Innograd” Skolkovo “. The territory that is assigned to Skolkovo practically adjoins the Moscow Ring Road, and this contributes to a lighter laying of the transport arteries, as well as ensuring quick communication with Moscow. Therefore, it is already possible now, and we need to talk about an increase in interest in real estate, which is built inside and out of the boundaries of the future innovative city – as in relation to its future residents, as well as just those who will have a desire to purchase a cottage with a view of this “” city ​​of the future”.

By the summer of 2012, the first building in Skolkovo will be completed, it will be a memorable cube transformer. The building will appear before the rest, being, as it were, a symbol of Innograd. The administration will be posted here, from here it will be monitored by the development of the infrastructure of the Skolkovo Center, which is designed to become the largest platform for the testing of this new economic policy. Immediately all the conditions are created for various research and development in the field of energy -efficient, energy, nuclear, biomedical, space and computer technologies. The territory of Skolkovo has already been withdrawn from agricultural land and transferred to the category of land related to settlements: on June 29 last year the State Duma adopted the corresponding law, and then approved by the Federation Council by the Federation Council. The construction of innograd, the development of the road network, the laying of engineering infrastructure – everything is carried out simultaneously. At the moment, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips have already expressed readiness to cooperate with Skolkovo. The units of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation will also be posted here, with the introduction of new security systems to prevent various risks for the duration of construction. “Skolkovo should become the same“ smart ”as the“ smart house ”, which is currently at the hearing,” said Minister Sergei Shoigu.