The myth of cheap wooden houses: truth or fiction

Advertising designers or suppliers say that wooden structures are much cheaper than traditional (masonry), but here the situation remains in question.

Wooden construction systems are traditional means that are built in Moldova. Before the protest occurred, it is believed that the traditional wooden peasant houses were made of wooden panels that are modulated by 60 cm, reinforced OSB panels, with a thermally insulated facade of a sheet of fire, are processed from pests, etc. D. and t. P.

Under these conditions, wooden houses should be considered by some modern call buildings for relatively new technologies. In addition, they are hardly achievable simply because too few people know how to build wooden houses.

Thus, prices for wooden houses with similar decorations, observing all the rules and technologies for embedding them, are seriously on the threshold of 200 euros. m, reaching up to 250 EUR / kV. m, given that you can build a house from masonry at a price of not more than 300 euros / sq. m.

Distrust during construction

In addition, there is a distrust between people about construction, because psychologically (albeit false), not so durable. Thus, although wooden houses are slightly cheaper than them is extremely difficult to sell. They must never forget that each house is an investment that, under certain conditions, can be restored by sale.

Thus, given that between wooden and brick houses there is no dramatic difference in price, we decided to build such a house best to choose.