Strong moisture: how to fight, methods

Work on the installation of coatings by mixing on the road on a finished strong base consists of the following operations.

1. Scattering gravel (crushed stone and t. P.), pouring the astringent in several techniques and mixing the mineral material with a grader or, better, a car groomer after each spill. The amount of pouring binder in one reception should not exceed 2.5-3 liters per 1 m2 coating. Mineral material should be moved sequentially using a grader knife from the edges of the coating to its axis, and then in the opposite direction to obtain a dark homogeneous mixture. This usually requires a 5-6-fold mixing of gravel with the astringent, which, depending on the width of the coating and the thickness of the processed, is achieved at 25-70 grader passages. The last passes of Grauder achieved the correct longitudinal cover profile.

2. The coating of the coating, after which it opens for 20-30 days to move in order to final seal under the influence of wheels of cars.

3. Surface processing production after coating compaction.

The coatings device by mixing on the road during the overhaul of such coatings are as follows:

1) the existing coating is cleaned of dirt and dust;

2) pricing crushed stone or gravel coatings, and for soil roads-loosening to the depth of soil processing with a chirchik, a plow or disk harrows (2-4 passes of one place);

3) Correct the transverse profile of the resulting layer of the material using a grader or auto grader, and then the work is in the order described above, for new coatings.