Stratification: what is it, features

The action practiced for the formation of a callus of connective tissue formed on the wounds of wood, without it, the stock cannot grow together with. The greenhouses use for quiet purposes, since it is necessary to withstand a certain level of temperature and humidity ratio.

Place the cuttings connected by vaccinations in boxes with one of the side walls. In this case, the box is placed on the opposite side wall and start laying. Before laying the first row, the “bottom”, which is the side wall, is covered with a wet mixture of sawdust with crushed coal with a layer of 4-6 cm, then each row of cuttings is sprinkled with a mixture, the humidity of which should be such that when you squeeze it in your hand without much effort-water protrudes. Near all the walls, the space of 5-6 cm is also filled with sawdust without cuttings and is compacted. Recently, they often use baskets with flowers, they are inexpensive.

The stocks at the base are sprinkled with well -designed earth, impregnated with a solution of fertilizers with macro and microelements at the rate of 1.6 grams. boric acid, 270 ml. zinc sulfate and 240 ml. manganese sulfate per 25 kg. soil. After laying the last row, 5-7 cm is poured. A layer of a sidewall is inserted a side wall, a box is placed on a natural bottom and a layer of mixture is placed again on top of 5-7 cm. As a moisture holder, options are possible – moss or or perlite.

The boxes are placed in a greenhouse or thermal chamber, and contain 85-90 % with constant humidity, and they gradually lower the temperature, starting with +28-30, and by the end of the suffering stop by +20-22.

As soon as 2/3 of the total number of vaccinations formed a circular callus, the suffering is finished.