Stop gluing money on the walls: there is a way out

Have you ever thought about how much money you lose when you glue the wallpaper? Of course not. Moreover, there is an opinion that wallpaper gluing is the cheapest way of wall decoration. This statement is erroneous. And now you will learn how to give your interior a beautiful look without overpaying. What could be cheaper? Only liquid wallpapers for which will allow you to significantly save money during the repair can be cheaper.

Advantages of liquid wallpaper

If you look from the point of view of savings, then liquid wallpaper is one continuous advantage. Firstly, they can be washed. Ordinary wallpaper, in some cases can also be washed, but then they are called detergents and are even more expensive.

Also, you can easily restore the spoiled area. To do this, you only need to store the remaining wallpaper after repair in a dry form. And there are always residues, because the amount of liquid wallpaper you need cannot be calculated for sure. Therefore, after the repair, you will definitely have a mixture of two or three square meters. The usual ones are calculated for sure, and if you have something left, then it will be trimming that are unlikely to help.

If we talk about the cost of applying liquid wallpaper, then it is not higher than the cost of gluing ordinary. In addition, you will save a lot of time, because liquid wallpaper is applied much faster than ordinary. Apply liquid wallpaper. This does not require special skill. The main thing is to know the technology and adhere to it steadily.

If you still think that ordinary wallpapers are cheaper, then this may mean only one thing – you still do not know how much liquid wallpaper costs.