Stages of the finish process: how to perform correctly

When it became cool in the house, it blows from the windows, the water supply system does not function well when the wiring does not withstand voltage, when the wallpaper began to be peeled off, it is time to make repairs in the house. After creating the project, they buy materials and start repairing. Start by the fact that all the furniture is shifted or removed completely. First, the most dirty, the most dusty repair work is carried out. All start with the UN replacement. This procedure is familiar to everyone. You must call a specialist in order for him to measure the existing window openings. He measures and tells you about prices, the location of the window, or its absence. After some time, experts come and install windows. Before this, they take out old windows, close up the existing cracks and cracks, begin to install windows. This procedure at different times of the year can be different, for example, in the summer it is easier to set the window, since there are no sharp temperature changes, there is a quick drying or hardening of any putty, sealant, and so on. In winter, this procedure lasts longer, because if you can wait or postpone the replacement of windows until the warm season, then it will be better. After replacing the windows begin to align the walls, the construction of additional partitions, the demolition of unnecessary walls. It is worth noting that if you are planning a redevelopment, you need to get a written resolution for this. You can align the walls in different ways, it all depends on the degree of irregularity, if these are serious deformations, it is better to use drywall, if they are small, then they use plaster.

After the repair, you will have a lot of time, at this moment you can do soapworking. To do this, you need to buy everything for soap making.

After leveling the walls, doorways, doors begin to insert. So these are the most dirty work, they are performed in the first place. Then they start communications. The locations of sockets and switches in each room are clearly distributed, given the total voltage. After completing communication work, you can start finishing the house.