Stages of repair in the kitchen: how to align the walls

It’s time to change the appearance of the kitchen? Then you have a rather difficult task that will bring the desired result. We, in turn, want to advise you in the turn of the actions that will help to do everything planned and clearly. So:- Thinking. Of course, before starting direct repairs, you need to carefully consider the future “face” of the kitchen. It is important to understand that you will have to spend a long time in this room, so give preference to quality and perfection.

– Buying and installing plumbing. Of course, in the process of repair work, you often have to make various mixtures, solutions. And also, it is often necessary to use water in order to wash your hands or wipe the surface. That is why it is very important, before starting the main stage of repair work, to install plumbing in the kitchen. – Buying materials for repair. What exactly to buy materials is very difficult to say. After all, each person bets on something definite, on what is most like.

It is important to choose high -quality materials so that repairs for many years could delight you with its beauties. – Cleaning the territory. First, rinse the old coatings that previously transformed your kitchen. This is important, because it is with the help of cleaning that you give the first jerk to quality and proper repairs in the kitchen. The surface should be perfect. It should not have the remnants of materials and pieces of tiles, wallpaper.

-alignment. In order for each of the elements for the transformation of the kitchen space that you need to thoroughly level the surface by means of plaster and special mixtures. As a rule, leveling takes place in several stages, that is, in several layers. – ennoblement. All materials after alignment have dried up? Great! So now you can proceed to the most long -awaited moment. To applying materials on the surface. Very soon you will enjoy the results of your work.