Stages of repair in the apartment and house: what to take into account

Where to begin? Of course, from the wiring and everything that is connected with it. The old wiring and bad sockets can lead to the fact that after a while you will have to do re -repairs. In addition, sometimes wiring requires serious destruction of ceilings and walls, and such work is certainly necessary before the floor and walls are repaired.

Before starting the second stage, you should think over the exterior decoration of your house and insulate the door slopes and window openings with sandwich panels pulse HH from PVC. The sandwich panels are plastic sheets interconnected by a special insulating layer, and you can purchase them in the Pulse NN construction company.

The second stage of repair is plumbing work. First you need to install a new washbasin, bath, or shower, and then lay the tile.

After that, you can proceed to repair in the rooms. Start by replacing batteries. Next, proceed to the leveling of walls and floor. Pay special attention to the corners, since if they are left uneven, then problems with skirting boards and wallpaper may arise in the future. If there is a desire and opportunities, replace windows, doors and window sills. Then take the floor and wallpaper. Final work – fasteners of skirting boards. As for the balcony and loggia, they need to be engaged in the last turn, because it is convenient to store all building materials and equipment there there.

The famous comedian said that the repair cannot be finished, you can only suspend it. After some time, something will definitely deteriorate, or you will want to renew the appearance of your housing again. Therefore, do not throw away the remains of building materials: suddenly you will need to correct something or disguise.