Stages of kitchen repair: features and technology

Kitchen, this is a place in the house where the family spends a considerable time. Therefore, I really want the kitchen to be not only a place of cooking, but to be a cozy and beautiful room. Your appetite and mood depend on what colors are present in your kitchen. It is believed that the colors that stimulate appetite are yellow, orange and red, and overwhelming appetite – blue and purple.

In order to make repairs in the kitchen, you must first determine the design of the kitchen, layout, and then carry out the repair.

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There are several stages of the repair of the kitchen:

1) cleaning the walls and ceiling from old wallpaper, tiles, flooring;

2) plaster and putty walls and ceiling, or installation on the ceiling of a special coating;

3) wiring;

4) installation of sockets and switches;

5) pasting or staining walls, laying with tiles if necessary;

6) laying tiles or linoleum on the floor;

7) installation of furniture and household appliances.

In order for cooking to be a pleasant task, it is important that it is convenient to make cooking. To do this, it is necessary to properly arrange kitchen equipment: washing, working surface, and then a plate.

It is necessary that in the kitchen everything is made of moisture -resistant materials.

When conducting electrical wiring and installing sockets and switches, calculate in advance the load that will be carried by kitchen household appliances, choosing the corresponding cable. You need to think about where and how much you need sockets in order to conveniently connect all the necessary equipment. You also need to take care of a good hood, having thought over the ventilation system.

When making repairs in the kitchen, try to use high -quality materials that are safe, have high strength and heat resistance, because you make repairs for a long time, so let everything last longer, delighting you.