Stages of installation of the front door: Technology

You need to choose the front door very carefully and you need to pay attention not only to its appearance. It is necessary to evaluate how reliably she can protect you in an unforeseen situation. There are a lot of doors, you have to not skimp and choose one that will last you a long time. It is also very important to correctly install the door.

You can order doors from a well -known company and install them yourself. The main stages of installation of the entrance doors:

1. Dismantling your old door. It is necessary to do this very carefully so as not to harm the walls and not damage the plaster. Otherwise, you still have to putty and smear holes.

2. It is necessary to measure the resulting doorway. You can do this before dismantling so that there is an opportunity to choose a suitable door. You can trust this to a specialist who will know exactly how much space for the door frame will be required.

3. It is necessary to cut the holes under the eye into the door, for the handle and the lock.

4. Prior to the start of the new door, carefully examine it. It should not have marriage, cracks, dents or chips.

5. Comers the door to the door. Use the level and make sure that the floor is strictly horizontal. Otherwise, the door frame is daring and the door will not close. This stage is very important.

6. Assembly and installation of the door frame in the opening.

9. Dressing the door on the hinges, installing door accessories.

10. No matter how well the door was selected, but gaps form between the door frame and the wall. They need to be blown by mounting foam. In order not to stain the door, swing it with tape.

It remains to put things in order and throw away construction garbage. The installation of the front door is over. If you seemed difficult for you, then you can invite installers.