Sound insulation of the walls in the apartment: is it possible to perform yourself

Dear readers and readers, if you are tired of hearing various annoying sounds at the time you come home after work and want to relax. Then we advise you to carry out the sound insulation of the walls in the apartment, this will help at least get rid of annoying sounds and screams a little. We will try to reduce their noise to a minimum, making the soundproofing of the walls adjacent to them. We need to make a crate, lay the soundproof material and hide it behind a drywall canvas. For the crate, you can use wooden rails, or you can metal profile. The tree will cost a little more, but choose you. We measure the wall, determine how much we need the material, buy and continue to isolate. For a crate, we will use the profile. As a sound insulation, select an acoustic partition. But first glue the profile of a soundproofing self -adhesive tape, this will give the profile additional sound insulation. Next, we fasten the extreme guides of the rails on the ceiling, floor, in the right and left angles. Next, we attach a rack -bearing profile at a distance of 60 centimeters vertically or horizontally to them, which will hold the acoustic partition. The entire profile is glued with a ribbon. It’s time to put a partition. When working with such materials, it is advisable to use gloves and a gauze bandage or respirator.

Now we close the structure with drywall sheets. We cover the junction of the junction of drywall and fasteners with putty or window tape, however, one another does not hurt. Well, in the end, we close the drywall itself. You can paint, stick wallpaper or fresco.