Sound insulation in the apartment: how to do it with your own hands

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Those who tried to do this themselves realized that when repairing and facing such a material, the sound still goes into the room through technical holes, such as sockets.

The soundproofing of the premises, even an apartment is a whole complex of measures in which the factors must be taken into account.

In multi -storey buildings, the difficulty of eliminating the noise effect is due not only to layout and construction, but also by itself.

High efficiency is soundproofing, which is located from the source. At the same time, it is best to use the material that differs in sound -absorbing devices. Moreover, it is best to soundproof not the wall, but the apartment with which you have a common wall.

If your ceiling creaks, and your neighbors have gender, then it is best to isolate the neighboring floor.

This problem is expressed by the fact that the sound emanating from the source, when the wall or coating is reached, spreads inside the construction structure.

Do not forget about important insulation parameters, such as environmental friendliness and reliability.

Even high -quality, low -ecological insulation can do more harm than benefits.