Sound -insulating substrate: what is

How often did you hear the stomp of your neighbors above? And how many comments you received about the noisy behavior of your children. These problems are familiar with the firsthand of apartments in multi -storey buildings. One of the main options for soundproofing is the installation of a special substrate. It is about her that we will talk in our article.

If you decide to choose a walnut laminate as a floor covering, then the substrate is a mandatory component. What is a soundproof substrate. In most cases, it is a natural or synthetic material that has a low degree of sound conduction. It is known that air is an excellent environment for sounding and penetrating various noise into your home. It was this knowledge that made it possible to create a unique class of soundproofing materials.

It is logical to assume that if the air is well carried out, then it is necessary to get rid of it. Therefore, the substrates are not porous, unlike thermal insulation materials, where air is a natural barrier. The fibers in the sound insulation substrate are located so close to each other that the occurrence of air cavities is excluded.

Thus, summarizing, we can say that soundproofing substrates from cork or synthetic polymers are the most optimal option for isolation of your housing from extraneous sounds. It is also worth noting that the service life of the substrates is almost unlimited, once by installing the substrate, it can not be changed even during major repairs or a change of flooring. Be sure, she has not lost her operational characteristics. We hope this article will be useful to our readers.