Sound and noise of the insulation of the floor: how to do it with your own hands

To make the sound insulation of a wooden floor or laminated, you need to make a lot of effort. For this sex, a floating approach is used. The material for sound insulation will be a special substrate that dramatizes the sound from your steps, and also dramatizes sounds that can be heard from the neighbors from below. The thickness of such a material should not exceed two millimeters. For each floor covering, noise insulation occurs in different ways.

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For a wooden or laminated floor, work takes place in the following order: first, a special acoustic felt on the floor slabs is laid; the soundproof membrane is laid; the membrane is covered with a cement-sand screed; and after these works we cover with the selected type of coating type. If you like to listen loudly music, then you need to isolate not only the walls and ceiling but also the floor, in order not to interfere with the neighbors. The walls and ceiling can be covered with drywall, and in the distance that remains between the wall and the drywall, we fill with a special soundproof material. The floating screed goes to the floor. First, the installation of vibration -insulating gaskets is installed, which are located along the edges near the walls. Installed using a level of lighthouses. Sounding soundproofing material with beacons, we lay on the floor. We cover with a dry screed and a reinforcing mesh on top. After covering two more centimeters of the screed, and we align the surface and removal of lighthouses.