Some Russian companies recently began the production of special compositions that provide a reliable and rather flexible coating for any type of facades. In the event that the facade is built of such material as polystyrene foam, this coating is perfectly absorbed into it and remains in place for many years, protecting the facade from damage and the negative effect of moisture. The protective composition is available in the form of a homogeneous mass, which contains small granular particles. The color of the mass is exclusively white.

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In order to apply this protective composition to a polystyrene wall, there is no need for its additional strengthening using a net of reinforcing. The reinforcing composition is able to take the shape of the angle and hold it without any changes. After the protective composition completely dries, the surface looks like a stone is trimmed, while remaining perfectly smooth and even.

The protective composition does not require long -term preparation before applying. It is simply thoroughly mixed thoroughly and you can start work. Finally freezes the coating after about forty -eight or seventy -two hours. Such a difference can occur if the air temperature can be very low or there may be increased humidity.