Solid suspended ceiling: what is

A continuous suspension ceiling is a ceiling made of drywall sheets. It differs from other ceiling structures in that it is made not from finished elements, but from individual parts, which in the future must also be processed. Ultimately, such a ceiling can be either a single seamless canvas located in one level, or a whole structure consisting of various geometric shapes. When installing plasterboard ceilings, single -level and two -level systems of suspended structures are used.

When creating a single -level plasterboard ceiling, the main and supporting profiles are located at the same level, and, accordingly, when creating a two -level ceiling, the profiles are located in two levels. Often, in the manufacture of drywall ceilings, various curved structures are used, specially curved profiles are used to attach such structures to each other. The variety of such profiles is widely represented in the modern market.

Suspended plasterboard ceiling is a design consisting of a system of supporting profiles, mounts, suspensions and facing material. Very often for fastening the drywall ceiling, a steel frame is used as a supporting structure. If the main ceiling is reinforced concrete, then such a frame is attached to it using anchor bolts. It is very important that the screws with which the drywall sheet is attached to enter it at a right angle. After fixing the screws, those recesses that have formed must be subsided, all the end seams are also putty. After drying, putty should be grinded, and then the whole structure is necessarily primed. In addition to a steel frame, a wooden frame is sometimes used as a supporting structure. To connect a wooden frame with the base ceiling, suspensions (holders) are used. This design is called the crate, which is single and double. Installation of a drywall ceiling must be done after all work is carried out in the room that increase humidity. The suspended ceiling is convenient in that in the space that is formed between the base ceiling and the suspended, you can hide