Soil development: how to do it with your own hands

The most important part of the work on laying new tram tracks is the development of soil, the quality of the lining of the line itself also depends on the quality of the execution. In fact, all construction companies that are engaged in laying new tram tracks have a special procedure for performing work. But, one way or another, everyone is trying to adhere to, the standards are determined that help increase the speed and productivity of the work.

Firstly, the development of the soil takes place immediately along the entire area of ​​the pit, intended for two paths of the tram line. Work is carried out in several shifts, using excavators and carbon fuss. As a rule, about 10 trucks are involved in order to develop 50-55 meters of the pit per day. For planning itself, bulldozers are used, in parallel to the work of which new rails are imported to the construction site, for further laying of ways. The rails are delivered to the place where the finished line ends. They are imported using a rail transporter in the amount necessary for laying one line of ways. After the pit is planned, a sandy substrate is laid in it with a thickness of 18 centimeters, and after which again everything is appreciated with a bulldozer.

The rails with the help of car dampers are laid out on one side of the pit, by the length of the entire front of the work performed on this day. After all the rails and other parts are laid out, using theodolite, the axles of the tracks are beaten off, after which they begin to lay out the sleepers and the rail. The next day, the rail is welding. For this, two teams of welders (four people in the team) with PAS-400 welding machines should work on the construction. The performance of such a staff of workers allows you to weld about 100 meters of ways within one day. While one part of the brigade is engaged in cooking seams, its other half proceeds to the installation of ways. To do this, use the installation of housing houses with electric, or pneumatic track tools. After some paths are laid, it is worth immediately installing the second. And only then carry out various work on the tilt and sleepers and the run in the new ways.