Soft roof Ruflex: what is

The soft roof Ruflex was created specifically for the Russian climate, which is distinguished by an abundance of rains, temperature changes, fierce frosts. This roof meets all the standards and needs of Russian citizens. Roof Ruflex is a unique material designed to create a soft roof in conditions of unstable weather factors. The secret of manufacturing technology is hidden at the heart of the material, namely, Ruflex is created on the basis of glass chuckle, which provides excellent protection of the roof from moisture exposure.

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On each side, Ruflex is covered with an additional layer of bitumen, which gives the roof Ruflex with waterproofing properties. It is important to say that the lower layer of bitumen has a kind of adhesive properties, and this creates the ease of installation. This layer also creates the tightness of the roof at the highest level. As for the upper layer, this layer of bitumen is covered with stone chips. This method perfectly protects the roof from ultraviolet radiation and all the consequences of atmospheric precipitation.

The appearance of the roof is accurate and aesthetics, and the variety of texture, which is produced by the manufacturer, appears in a wide range.

In addition, the soft roof Ruflex does not respond and is not exposed to temperature extremes and precipitation. It should be noted that this material is environmentally friendly, which is important in our age, when we are surrounded by a great many materials releasing toxic substances into the surrounding atmosphere.

This material has already managed to establish itself in the Russian market and has been in constant demand for 10 years.